ClockedIn 2 for iPad - Settings

ClockedIn 2 has a number of application settings which can be used to alter its standard behavior. These settings can be found by accessing your iPhone/iPod touch Settings app.

The following is a description of what each setting does.

Timer: Commit on Select

Streamlines the selection of activities by automatically displaying activities for selection.

The default behavior in ClockedIn 2 requires you to tap on the activities field to assign a project's activity to a timed task. With "Commit on Select" turned "ON", the activity list for the project is automatically displayed after a project is selected for the timed task.

Timer: Task Switching Mode

Optimizes the timer for people that switch between the same tasks often.

When turned "ON" the behavior of the stop button is changed such that when it is pressed, it will display a list of the last 10 project and activity combinations to choose from. When a selection is made the timer is loaded with the project and activity, and the timer is started.

Dates: First Day of Week

Custom define the day that your week starts on.

By default the first day of the week is determined by your iPhone/iPod touch international settings. Turning this option "ON" will set the first day of the week to the day that you've selected in "Start week on" field.

When turned off ClockedIn 2 will revert back to using the default first day of week.

Projects: Predefined Activities

Automatically create activities for projects.

Define the activities you want created by default for your projects in the "Activity 1" to "Activity 5" fields. Then set "Create Activities" to "ON". Now when you create a new project it will be created with your predefined activities.

Formatting: Time Style

Provides options for the display of total times and durations in decimal format.

There are two options available for applying decimal formatted times, "views" and "reports". Setting decmial formatting for "views" will display durations in application views in decimal format. Setting decimal formatting for "reports" will generate decimal formatted durations in all reports.

When decimal formatting is turned "ON" the numbers to the right of the decimal are a percent of minutes to the hour. For example, it will display 1.5 instead of 1h 30m. It is important to note that decimal formatted numbers will contain rounding errors.

Report Style: HTML

Controls the generation of HTML formatted reports that are included in the body of emails generated for reports.

When set to "ON", HTML format reports will be generated and included in emails.

Report Style: PDF Options

Controls the creation of reports in PDF.

When "Create PDFs" is set to "ON" PDFs will be generated for all reports and attached to the report's email message. Setting "Use A4" to "ON" will generate the PDFs for A4 sized paper. Otherwise the PDFs are generated for 8 1/2" x 11" paper.

Time Pickers: Custom Minute Interval

Will configure all time pickers to use the assigned minute interval value.

By default the time pickers will display each minute of the hour for selection. This option will allow you to define the time interval between selections as 1 minute, 5 minute, 6 minute, 10 minute or 30 minute.

Data: Database

Allows you to send your ClockedIn 2 database in an e-mail.

When "Send Database" is set to "ON", the next time ClockedIn 2 is accessed, it will create an archive of your database and attach it to an email for you to send. The database archive can be used for data backup or archives purposes.

Tapping on the database archive file in an email will automatically launch ClockedIn 2 and allow you to load that database into the ClockedIn 2. It is important to note that the database in the archive will replace the current ClockedIn 2 database.