ClockedIn 2 - Demo Videos

Some short videos to demonstrate ClockedIn 2 features. (More to come soon.)

Getting Started

Demonstrates the basics of how to create a project and an activity in the timer, selection of the project and activity, and starting the timer.

This video demonstrates project and activity selection behavior with "Commit on Select" turned ON. When this setting is on, ClockedIn will automatically prompt you to select an activity for the selected project. This setting can be accessed through the Settings app.

Commit on Select

Demonstrates the behavior of picking projects and activities with "Commit on Select" turned ON.

The first part of the clip shows the default behavior, the setting is OFF. The second part of the clip shows the behavior with the setting ON. Notice how the activities view is automatically displayed for the selected project

For those that assign activities to their timed tasks, this setting will save some time and taps.

Enable "Commit on Select" in the Settings app.

Task Switching Mode

This mode was designed for people that switch between different tasks frequently.

The demo shows how to turn "Task Switching Mode" ON (in the Settings app) and how it affects the behavior of ClockedIn 2's timer.

When the timer button is tapped, a panel is presented that contains the last 10 project/activity combination assigned to tasks. Selecting one of them will stop the timer for the current task and start the timer on a new task configured with your selection.