ClockedIn 2 - Calendar Push

ClockedIn 2 can update your iOS calendar with completed timed tasks. You configure which timed tasks to push to your iOS calendar through your ClockedIn 2 projects. Once a project is configured for "Calendar Push" its completed timed tasks can be added to your iOS calendar seamlessly.

We call this "Calendar Push" because the operation is one way. ClockedIn 2 will update your calendar with completed and edited timed tasks but changing these events in your calendar will not change them in ClockedIn 2.

To configure a project to use "Calendar Push":

  1. Set the "Pushes to calendar" property to "ON".
    This will reveal two additional properties, "Calendar" and "Automatic".
  2. Set the calendar you want the project's timed tasks to be pushed to.
    The calendar is a calendar in your iOS calendar. The default calendar is the same as the default calendar you configured on your device.
  3. Set whether the updates to the calendar should be automatic.
    When set to automatic, timed tasks will be pushed to the selected calendar whenever they are saved. When set to "OFF", you determine which timed tasks are pushed to the calendar by setting the "Pushed to Calendar" property for individual tasks for the project.

In addition, here are a some examples of how ClockedIn 2 will interact with your iOS calendar:

  • Completed timed tasks can only be pushed to a calendar if their project's "Push to Calendar" property is set to "ON".
  • If you delete or edit a pushed timed task in your calendar it will not be deleted or edited in ClockedIn 2.
  • If you delete a timed task, in ClockedIn 2, it will not be deleted from your calendar. It will only be deleted from ClockedIn 2.
  • If you edit a timed task that has been pushed to your calendar it will be updated in your calendar, regardless of whether "automatic" is set to "ON" or not. We assume that if you pushed the timed task to your calendar you want to keep it up to date and continue to push any edits to it.